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Gravity Junction Web Design & Marketing is a company like no other with a laser focus on WordPress Design!  Ran and operated on a scale that brings a personal touch to every single customer, to ensure the highest quality service during the entire process.  This company has prided itself for over 8 years in bringing high quality, mobile ready, optimized WordPress websites to help you grow your company in the virtual world.

Designing a custom website for your company can be a daunting process to even think about, but the crew at Gravity Junction Web Design, makes things simple, using Google’s #1 recognized platform, WordPress.

What sets this company apart starts with the owner, Sharla Patrick.  Her background, education, and experience make Gravity Junction Web Design the powerhouse that it is.  Sharla and her crew are out of the box marketers who bring their world experience to the internet platform, to help your business thrive online.

Sharla Patrick

Originally from Charleston, S.C., Sharla Patrick started Gravity Junction Web Design & Marketing over 8 years ago, she continues to help companies all over the United States.  She may be a small town girl but she packs a powerful punch for her clients online.

Sharla Patrick has been involved with small business since a child.  She’s learned from some of the top business men and women for her entire life.  Including her father, Frank AuCoin, who was small business person for the City of Charleston, SC and for the entire state of S.C.  Frank’s retail sign stores have made the longest banner in the world and received the business Blue Chip Award.  

From Sign it Quick, the retail sign store, the Book Exchange book store, the nutritional business, Shaklee, Sharla has had her hands in all those companies, inside and out from a very young child thru adulthood.

Sharla personally ran a national legal insurance company called, LegalShield, for over 7 years.  She had a sales force of over 1000 people.  In that business she was the key person responsible for recruiting, training, and motivating all of the sales associates.  She also brought the LegalShield services into companies, where she did group presentations to employees all across the nation.  She was a very sought after speaker and trainer to many other LegalShield associates.

She understands belly to belly marketing, understands sales and marketing both on and off-line, she understands the intricacies of business from top to bottom.  She takes all that hands on business & sales knowledge to the world of the internet.  She specializes in not just creating an eye catching WordPress websites, but she helps to make it effective to actually drive sales.

Sharla is also a certified yoga instructor, single mother of two and loves living a more holistic, organic, energy efficient life.

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