Consultant & Trainer


Expanding your business and not sure how?

Running low on creative marketing ideas and events is never a fun spot to be in.

Hire Sharla Patrick, owner of Gravity Junction Web Design to work with you individually or your staff, to boost your sales.

Sharla is well known for her captivating (and hilarious) public speaking skills. She has a track record of helping organizations raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in the non profit sector and increase sales for profit companies.

Sharla has powerful custom training and advise for each of her customers, ranging from the hospitality industry, network marketing, retails sales, on-line sales and beyond.

There’s not much more that excited Sharla, than standing behind a great company or organization and seeing it excel.

“…creative, captivating & captial buiilding ideas, Sharla changed it all.”  T. AuCoin