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Services at Your Fingertips by a team who cares

1.Website Design


WordPress Web Design is what we know, what we do and what DOMINATES (according to the “Google Gods”)

Not familiar with WordPress or the power it can bring your online presence?

Not a problem…here’s what to know:

~Wordpress is the most popular content management platform in the WORLD.

~Google LOVES WordPress.

~Your WordPress site will be responsive in design to all sized screens, making it easy for your customers to find and see you.

~Content can be easily updated and modified in the WordPress admin, either by our small team or someone on your staff.

To Sum it up…

WordPress is the BOMB…so if you want and explosion in sales and profits then lets get your new WordPress website started TODAY!!!

“…AMAZING job creating 7 websites in 9 years. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”  T. AuCoin

2. SEO Services

Your website is among 162 MILLION sites fighting for traffic online.

Don’t be mistaken that your investment in web design can turn quickly into a paperweight unless you have an SEO (search engine optimization) or Internet Marketing Plan in place.

Things Like:

On Site SEO~Unique Content Creation~Newsletter Creation & Implementation~Social Media Content Creation & Management~Sponsor Influencer Marketing~Google Ad Words~Remarketing~Customer Feedback~And Beyond…

Not sure SEO is worth the money?

Just one of our SEO clients is now pulling in over $100,000 A MONTH
not bad for a local retail store that doesn’t sell anything online (only at thier store or by phone).

SEO services are worth their weight in gold!!!

So unless you have a dedicated internet marketing expert in house, it’s probably the wisest investment you can make.

“…Most effective SEO services I’ve ever used.  Sales keep going up and up!”  Frank A.

3. Logo Design

Brand recognition starts with your Logo.

One of the first things any potential customer sees and either is attracted to or not, is your Logo.

So a custom logo is a must, if you don’t already have one.

More of the buying population thinks in pictures.  To make your company stand out, to make it memorable, your custom logo must be a “snazzy” one for sure.

The team at Gravity Junction will develop your custom logo so that your identity, which is the cornerstone of your brand will be a lasting one!

“…great pricing & represents my company so well, I smile every time I see it.”  Hillary H.

4. Video Production

Touch your customer’s emotional “buying spot.”

Websites can be borring, stale and cold, which isn’t great for the buyer looking to purchase what you are selling.

Videos change all that.

Having our in house team at Gravity Junction Web Design, create a compelling, high impact “profile” video can help capture more eyes (and wallets) to your company.

Not to mention, your video would be on the #2 search engine in the world, YouTube…clearly the hub for media around the globe.

Bring some life to your website, help people connect with your mission, your product, good or service with a hot new video today!!!

“…the video was fun & easy.  It’s been more than effective to increase our sales”  T. Smith

5. Marketing

Marketing Consultant & Trainer

Expanding your business and not sure how?

Running low on creative marketing ideas and events is never a fun spot to be in.

Hire Sharla Patrick, owner of Gravity Junction Web Design to work with you individually or your staff, to boost your sales.

Sharla is well known for her captivating (and hilarious) public speaking skills. She has a track record of helping organizations raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in the non profit sector and increase sales for profit companies.

Sharla has powerful custom training and advise for each of her customers, ranging from the hospitality industry, network marketing, retails sales, on-line sales and beyond.

There’s not much more that excited Sharla, than standing behind a great company or organization and seeing it excel.

“…creative, captivating & captial buiilding ideas Sharla gave, changed it all.”  T. AuCoin