Before Choosing a Plan





Many items in the price table (listed above) have more detailed information when you hover over the particular feature.  Please ensure you hover over each feature to fully understand the scope of your package details…AND, please read all the information below.

No plans include hard code changes to modify layout/theme.  This will be billed hourly, separate from your chosen monthly plan.

Time Allowance

If your package allows for our team to create content for your website, social media platforms, or to update content you provide us, this can take 2-4 weeks.  (We strive to get edits done in less time but generating content takes time.)

Your responsibility: Please email or schedule a conference call with our team so we can gather the information needed to generate the content.

SILVER: Up to 2 hours of monthly maintenance.*
GOLD:  Up to 3 hours of monthly maintenance.*
PLATINUM:  Up to 4 hours of monthly maintenance.*

*Hourly monthly allowance includes the time it takes to update WordPress, plugins and back up your site.  Whatever time is left over will be what’s allowed for other updates included in your package.  If you are a client that likes to call to ask questions regarding how to update your own site, those phone calls are will be factored into your monthly allowance.

Content & Social Media Creation

If your package includes content creation, you are responsible for setting up a conference call with our team to discuss details.  Please email SharlaBiz@gmail.com with TWO times and TWO days that would work best for you and we will let you know what works for our team.

Google Places

Google Places is a FANTASTIC way to help your website move through the ranks in any given search engine, but especially on Google itself.

If you already have a Google Places account (that’s been claimed) GREAT…if not, then you will need to claim your business or start your page if there isn’t already one.  For more information on this, please READ HERE.

Our team will only work with profiles/accounts that have been claimed, as the claiming process optimally should be done by the owner (you) not a 3rd party (us).