Your Kids Could Save the World-Business Style

Cameron Herold shares his ideas on how directing our children can help heal all that's wrong with the world. You may agree or not... If there is even a slight chance that we could help struggling children in today's society, thrive instead of getting slapped with...

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Custom Network Marketing Team Training Sites

Crush it in Your Network Marketing Business From Amway, Shaklee, HerbaLife, LegalShield, and beyond... If you were to ask those outside of the MLM industry, they would call those companies a pyramid scheme. WHAT, SERIOUSLY?!?! There is no more of a pyramid scheme than...

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60 SECOND sales pitch that will fill your BANK ACCOUNT.

Leave your Elevator Talk in the Basement and Elevate your Sales pitch to the Rooftop!   Ever meet "that guy" (or gal) who seems to puke his sales pitch all over you? Even if you need/want what he has, you just want to walk away? We've ALL been there! Even though you...

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Flat is the New Sexy-It’s not what you think.

Our world is very noisy, with more technology, more options, and more complications than any other generation before it.

So your message and marketing efforts have to be louder and better than your competition, because no one wants flat sales.

But there is something flat you can use to drive sales through the roof.

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Web Designer’s Trap-Don’t Be Fooled

“Your website is going to be $3000 down, $250 a month and you NEVER own your site.”

This is precisely what a potential client shared with me yesterday, that the last web designers quoted her.


LESSON: If you pay for a website, YOU

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3 FREE Ways to Increase Your Google Ranking

How to Boost Traffic for Free 3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Google Ranking Boosting your ranking in google and driving more traffic to your site can often be more than intimidating. Want to increase your google ranking, the worst thing you can do is NOTHING but hope...

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Motivation is CRAP.

Mel Robbins is a powerhouse speaker with one of the top 20 TEDx talks in the world. This former criminal defense attorney turned on-air commentator and CNN contributor exposes the myth of motivation and explains how to make the micro-decisions that will launch you...

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