Starting Your Website Build

What We Need to Get Started

Your Logo

High resolution files, in formats of JPEG, PNG, EPS, or PSD. If you only have a PDF, additional fees may be added to convert.


Please provide all content you want on your site. Hiring a professional copywriter is highly recommended.

CRM/Email Marketing

Please provide us with login credentials of the Customer Relationship Management Software you want connected to your site.

Suggested CRM’s: Aweber, Mail Chimp, Emma Mail

Image Files

Please provide any and all high resolution (1000+ pixels) image files you need on your site . Please ensure each file name is applicable to what the photo is.
(ie: NOT: image00345.jpeg but INSTEAD: curly-widget-size-9.jpeg)

Hosting & Domain Registrar Credentials

Please provide hosting & domain registrar company login link, username and password.
Suggested Hosting CompaniesLiquidWeb or GoDaddy

Social Media Profiles

Please provide us with any social media profile links you want connected to your site.

Style Guide

Please provide your branding guidelines, to ensure your digital presence will match your overall company branding strategies. If you don’t have these specs, you can request your branding guidelines be created by our team for an additional fee.

Please upload all files into your secure shared DropBox.

Tools We Use

Drop Box

DropBox is a wonderful, secure, free cloud hosting file sharing program. Making it easy for you to provide your development team with all the goodies they will need to design your site.
Important to Note:
-You can instal the DropBox folder on your computer and not have to login to their website each time. This makes it simple to copy and move files into your folder.
-Always put copied files into our shared DropBox, so the original stays on your computer.
-Name each file to describe what the file is. This speeds up the on-boarding process a ton.
-Anything our team or you do inside of DropBox is in real time. So this means modifying, deleting, etc will be seen in real time.

To sign up for your free DropBox account click HERE.

Slick Plan

This is a web based program our team uses to lay out your navigation, footer, and create the pages you need; displaying the content we’ve been provided. Before your site build begins, you will be asked to review this layout and content. You will have an opportunity to request modifications before development begins.


In this tech driven age, we obviously use email as a primary platform to keep your project going. If you require another method please speak up at the start of the on-boarding process. 

The Design Process

Step 1: Layout & Design

You will be provided several example sites, so our team can get a feel for what you like and don’t like style-wise.

You will also be asked to review the suggested navigation and footer, inside of SlickPlan.

Once this is all completed, your development team gets to work!

Step 2: Development

Development happens in two stages: Desktop Design & then Mobile Design.

The Desktop Design will happen first, then your Mobile Design will be an exact replica of the Desktop, just with different sizing parameters for smart devices.


Step 3: Modifications

After your entire Desktop site has been created, you will be asked to go through each page with a fine tooth comb, listing any and all requests modifications.

Our team will get to work incorporating those changes.

Then we repeat that process one more time.

Step 4: Houston we have LIFTOFF

After your website design is approved, our team gets to work on a few last minute programs, plugins and tools, to help your site run great and be ready for Google.

Then we migrate your site to your hosting account and YOU ARE LIVE!

Our team is on stand by for 30 days after launching, to modify photos and text, for free.

Monthly maintenance programs will give you support outside of the 30 days!

Moving Forward

After your site goes live, enjoy this free documentation on how to maximize your digital presence and make the most out of your new site.

Other Video Tutorials

This tutorial video library, may be helpful in your digital marketing journey.
We are adding new videos all the time, so keep checking in for newbies!

Ready to get started?

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